"The Movement" #9 cover by Rags Morales.
Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

This past weekend, Gail Simone released word that the DC series The Movement by her and series artist Freddie Williams II would be ending with May’s twelfth issue. The series, launched last summer, told the story of teenage superheroes banding together as grassroots heroes to fight the undercurrent of crime pervading the DC Universe city of Coral City.

“Unfortunately, this book just never found a big enough audience,” Simone posted on Tumblr Sunday as part of a longer statement. “The people who loved it, loved it hard, but that number was too small.”

First announced one year ago this month, The Movement was part of an initiative – alongside The Green Team -- by DC to create new concepts and characters to stand alongside it’s long-established franchise characters. Launched in May, The Movement was billed by DC to be the superhero equivalent of the real-life “Occupy Movement,” but Simone said that the series drew inspiration from other modern-day social movements.

“I've always wanted to see us do something that brings the real world a little closer to the DCU, but that still keeps the fantasy element alive and vibrant,” Simone told Newsarama about The Movement in April 2013. “[The members of The Movement] all have reason to be mad at the system, which hasn't protected them, or even tolerated them, and they come together because one of them is America's Caesar.”

Upon its debut in May 2013, The Movement #1 earned sales that made it the 74th best selling comic book in the American Direct Market according to Diamond Distributors. Looking at the most recent sales numbers however, January’s The Movement #8 showed the series drawing down to being 244th in the marketplace. The series’ sister title, The Green Team, was cancelled in January reaching only eight issues.

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