Writers Say Werewolf CURSE A 'Family-First' Affair at BOOM! Studios

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Last month, BOOM! Studios released the first issue of a four-part mini-series about Laney Griffin - single dad of an ill child who is struggling to find a way to make ends meet. At the same time, his town finds itself terrorized by a roving werewolf, which ends up having a bounty placed on its head that is too good for Laney to pass up.

February 19, Curse #2 hits shelves and readers get to find out what happens after Laney brings this monster home.

Fortunately, Newsarama has more than just an exclusive 5-page preview of this next issue; the writers from Curse also took the time to chat about this new horror-drama.

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Newsarama:  Tim, Michael, Curse is described as "a story of a family’s survival at all costs." Why take this angle with the traditional werewolf horror story? How do you see it appealing to both fans of the "monster genre" and those typically unaccustomed to buying a horror comic?

Tim Daniels: That approach, family first, the focus being put on the father-son relationship is something anyone can understand. Who’s not someone’s child? And how many of those children are not parents themselves. Certainly, it’s what I know in my daily life, being a father and husband. There’s nothing special about that. You don’t need any special knowledge to write that story or read it.

Hopefully readers are going to be enticed by the obvious werewolf hook but then discover how potent this parent-child tale is and stick with us throughout the series.

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Michael Moreci: To both of us, the point of horror is to frighten people, to relay things that make all of us afraid. So, really, the more compelling thing is the core of fear. We’re frightened by death, losing loved ones, having our homes compromised, things like that. So, in a way, the werewolf stuff, the slasher stuff, whatever type of horror you choose is ancillary to that core of fear.

Nrama:  This story will be take place over the course of a four-part mini-series. Are there any plans for Laney's future? Another mini or an ongoing series?

Daniels:In order for us to answer that honestly, we’d have to reveal how this story ends. Laney is keeping company with a werewolf and that certainly signals the possibility that things might not work out well for him. He’s embarked upon a series of very desperate decisions, kicked off by inviting a werewolf into his family home…the second part to this answer is easier but one that I can’t predict. Our readers should help determine our character’s fates. Not just Laney’s but Anton, Jaren and Nora’s as well. If readers enjoy the book and give us the sales-based mandate to continue, then by all means that is something we’d very much entertain. And going forward is not the only way this tale could go…just saying.

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Nrama:  Shifting gears a bit, comics that have multiple people occupying a given role can sometimes get out of hand; yet, this title seems to be bucking that trend (See Newsarama's review of the first issue here). Curse #1 has the both of you writing while Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer are handling the artistic duties. That seems like a lot of hands on deck for one comic. Can you break down for readers where each of you factors into this collaboration?

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Daniels: Mike and I have had the extreme ease and pleasure of working with two highly skilled, extremely artistic and professional artists. That makes a lot of things very simple. As well, there’s no real leadership hierarchy either. We each do our part, filling in each other’s blind spots, tending to the story. Aside from Mike and I, Riley and Colin, we also have to account for Jim Campbell on letters and Tamra Bonvillain on colors. Each of those contributors is the epitome of what this experience has been like all the way through the series. You turn around and find the job is already done. Not just completed but exceeding your expectations.

Moreci: This is a strong question because, let’s face it, things could get out of hand in a lot of different ways. We’re lucky in that we’re friends and all have admiration for each other’s work. Also, I think we all see what makes Cursespecial, one of those books you don’t get to work on every day, and that makes it so much easier for everyone to pull in the same direction.

Nrama: How did the four of you all come together for Curse?

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Daniels: Mike and I had our first books, Hoax Hunters and Enormous debut at SDCC in 2012. We shared a panel and a lot of things in common. We started talking about possibly working together someday. When we finally set about working together, we had a short list of artists we hoped to approach. Riley Rossmo was tops. We got him on a Skype call and asked what he most wanted to draw. His answer was werewolves and it just so happened we’d been developing a story idea around that very concept.  With Riley’s impending commitment to his Shadowline series Drumhellar already in the works, we had to seek a second artist to help mitigate the workload. Mike had been eyeballing Colin for some time and suggested his name to the three of us. We were totally elated when he reviewed and accepted the project.

Moreci: It’s funny, because Tim and Riley were volleying projects and schedules back and forth, same as Colin and I. When Curse took off at the concept stage, the cogs all came together so that all four of us were available and very willing to make this book a reality. And we shouldn’t diminish Boom’s role in this, as they’ve been not only amazing to work with, but integral in moving Curse from an idea to an actual comic. A lot of moving parts aligned to make this happen—that doesn’t happen every day.

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Nrama: So what can readers expect in Curse #2 later this month?

Daniels: That series of desperate decisions I mentioned before is where it all starts. Issue #2 begins a very intense phase of the story where we see the impact of the choices Laney has made thus far. Other elements that increase the pressure upon Laney come into play as well in the form of objects and people. Oh, and then there’s Anton, the werewolf in the cellar. Let’s not forget he’s down there bound and seething. We’ll learn a lot about him as well.

Moreci: I love issue two, I love the process of tightening the screws on a character, Laney, and seeing what he’ll do next. He’s crossed the Rubicon—he’s got a werewolf in the basement and has to deal with it. But things are never easy when you go to extremes, something Laney is about to find out.

Curse #2 hits newsstands on February 19, and it is available to download on Comixology same day.

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