Rumorkiller: Captain Britain NOT Canceled

Dr. Doom and Dracula - on the Moon

There’s a rumor starting to grow across that internet that Marvel’s Captain Britain and MI: 13 has been cancelled by the publisher due to low post-Secret Invasion sales. This is, however, not true.

Marvel has assured Newsarama that the fan-favorite book written by Paul Cornell is just fine, and has a healthy life ahead.

When asked about rumored cancellation of Captain Britain & MI13, a Marvel representative said, “The series isn’t cancelled—in fact, we’re coming up on a storyline that’s going to change the team forever starting in Captain Britain & MI13 #10 when Doom & Dracula enter the mix. Add in the return of Meggan, an appearance by the team in Mighty Avengers and more for a pretty exciting time to be a fan of the series!”

The reference to Doom and Dracula of course, goes back to the teaser image released by Marvel earlier this week.

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