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Carlos Valdes in Once

Tuesday afternoon brings another reported casting of a familiar DC Comics name in The CW’s The Flash pilot. Just a couple hours after reports of Iris West’s casting surfaced comes word that actor Carlos Valdes (Broadway’s Once) has been cast in the role of Cisco Ramon, a "mechanical engineering genius and the youngest member of the team of scientists at STAR Labs."

"Born into a lower-income family, Cisco's brains and talent helped him reach his potential," reports The Hollywood Reporter. "He is loyal and eager and provides the comic relief in contrast to his stiff co-workers. Best part: He is as much of a comic book fanboy as Barry."

Credit: DC Comics

Cisco Ramon also happens to be a play on the civilian name of the infamous post-Crisis DC character Vibe. Though better known as ‘Paco’ Ramon, Francisco Ramon was a breakdancing former gang member-turned-hero that became the butt of jokes in the comic book world for two decades, before recently being revived as a member of the New 52’s Justice League of America and star of a short-lived solo series (10 issues). The new Vibe was tied closely to The Flash, as two people who had an innate tie to other worlds. The Flash can sense "vibrational frequencies" and Vibe's powers allow him to sense the same. He was chosen for the JLA to "match up" against The Flash, giving him an interesting possibility of being ally or rival.

THR also reports the only two remaining roles to be cast in The Flash pilot are Harrison Wells and Hartley Rathaway.

Wells has been established on Arrow as the CEO of S.T.A.R. Labs, and Rathaway is of course the civilian name of the Pied Piper, the one-time adversary of Barry Allen who went onto become a good friend to Wally West during West’s time as the Flash, and one of comics’ first openly gay characters.

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