First Look: Aspen's NYCC Exclusive Covers

Press Release

Aspen Comics is looking forward to kicking off their 2009 convention season with loads of exciting announcements and all new exclusives at this year’s New York Comic Con 2009. Aspen will be bringing a host of creators and artists to the Aspen Comics Booth (#1623) to meet and greet with the fans and sign autographs. This year in anticipation of an exciting 2009 planned, Aspen Comics is proud to announce creator signings throughout the weekend from 11am-on each day at the Aspen Comics Booth. Aspen creators and artists appearing at the booth will include:

Frank Mastromauro (Aspen President, Creator, writer -Shrugged)

Peter Steigerwald (Aspen Vice President, Colorist – Soulfire, Fathom)

Vince Hernandez (Aspen Editor-In-Chief, Creator, Writer – Soulfire: Shadow Magic)

Mark Roslan (Aspen Director of Design and Production, NBC’s Heroes webcomics)

J.T. Krul (Writer – Fathom, Soulfire)

David Wohl (Creator, Writer – Executive Assistant: Iris)

Ale Garza (Penciler – Fathom)

Joe Benitez (Penciler – Soulfire)

Micah Gunnell (Penciler – Shrugged)

Beth Sotelo (Colorist – Shrugged, Soulfire: Volume 2)

On Sunday from 11:00 – 12:00pm, The Aspen Comics Panel will reveal the company’s plans for 2009, including a special preview of upcoming Aspen titles and more. The entire Aspen Comics team will be on hand to give this exclusive sneak peek and also answer questions from the fans in a Q&A session.

Along with these creators and artists appearing all weekend long, Aspen will also be debuting two new convention exclusive books: a Fathom #5 New York Comic Con 2009 exclusive cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald limited to 750 copies and the Aspen Showcase: Ember #1 New York Comic Con 2009 exclusive cover by Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald limited to 750 copies. Both convention editions will be available exclusively at the Aspen Comics Booth #1623.

Aspen will be offering a host of other Aspen convention exclusive titles as well as their signature art prints and more. Also, please stop by the Aspen Comics booth for more information and details on portfolio reviews.

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