See TOM HIDDLESTON's THOR Audition ... Meaning for the PART of THOR

Tom Hiddleston as Thor
Credit: Marvel Studios

Updated 1/29: The Thor: The Dark World home video bonus feature previews continue to show up online and they continue to prominently feature Tom Hiddleston/Loki. The latest clip courtesy (below) is a few moments from a feature on Hiddleston, now arguably the Marvel Cinematic Universe's runner-up MVP to Robert Downey Jr.

In the clip, a few seconds is shown from Hiddleston audition for Thor - no, not for Loki in Thor, but his early screen test for the part of the Thunder God himself - blond locks, hammer, muscles and all.

Enjoy the brief video 'What If' adventure.


Original story: The marketing push for Thor: The Dark World - out on 3-D and HD digital Feb. 4, and Blu-ray and DVD on Feb. 25 - is beginning in earnest.

Tuesday USA Today and both respectively debuted what will likely be several deleted bonus scenes from the film’s home video versions that will find their way online.

In the deleted (or in this case, altered) scene, Thor & Loki 'walk & talk' after Thor springs his brother from the Asgardian prison. In the scene that made the final cut of the film, Chris Evans turns in a cameo as Loki transforms into the image of Captain America. But in this bonus original version of scene, Tom Hiddleston puts on Cap's uniform and picks up the shield himself. Whether it was filmed this way so that Evans could be added later, or this was the originally intended version will likely be answered on the film's commentary track.


In USA Today's truly deleted scene, Thor’s mother Frigga talks with an imprisoned Loki though magic, before Thor enters the room interrupting them, after which he and his mother continue the conversation about his half-brother.

Thor asks Frigga if she regrets teaching her once mischievous, now treacherous son the ways of magic, and she replies she does not. "You and your father cast large shadows. I had hoped that by sharing my gifts with Loki that he could find some sun for himself," she replies.

Check out the scene for yourself, courtesy USA Today.

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