Huntress Returns to ARROW for 'Birds of Prey'

Huntress on Arrow
Credit: CW

It was just last Friday when Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim told us that they were keeping a couple of episode titles secret, because they held surprises for DC Comics fans. "There’s two episodes in a row, where we’re keeping the titles secret, because both episodes will just blow people’s minds," Guggenheim told Newsarama. Well, it sounds like one was revealed today by TVGuide.

And that title is "Birds of Prey." It's the title of the episode airing March 26, 2014, though they didn't know what episode number it is. Due to a couple of weeks off in February, we're guessing it should be around 17 or 18 of the 23 episode season, however.

As the title implies to DC Comics fans, the story will feature Jessica de Gouw returning as Huntress, where she'll come across the Canary played by Caity Lotz. While the story information TVGuide has so far, that Huntress wants, still, to kill her father and Canary and Arrow stand in her way, we wouldn't be shocked to see this turn into a three-way team-up, with Canary and Huntress falling into some sort of natural rhythm together. In the comic book titled Birds of Prey, the series initially featured a team-up between Black Canary and Barbara Gordon (once Batgirl, and at the time Oracle), with Huntress joining the fray soon after.

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