Superman, Nightcrawler, the War of Light and more: Comic Book MMO Updates

War of Light Comes to DCUO
Credit: SOE

If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to play more Comic Book MMOs this year, the new heroes, new content and new challenges revealed in January makes this a promise that will be easy for you to keep.

DC Universe Online

A Color War breaks out in DCUO on January 28, 2014 with the paid War of the Light Part I DLC, though it is already active and free for Legendary tier players. The first third of a planned trilogy of DLCs, it will introduce the Blue Lantern Corps into the game as well as the Rage power set that despite its aggressive name/nature will not be bound by a character’s heroic or villainous alignment.

As mentioned previously this DLC will include new 4-Player Operations that focuses on uncovering the origin of mysterious colored mists in a reimagined Metropolis, as well as on the Lantern-aligned planets of Mogo and Ranx (who will also host new 8-Player Operations). Red and Blue Lantern 'leaders' Atrocitus & Saint Walker will join the Legends PvP Roster and players can find new Lantern-inspired equipment for their characters.

Marvel Heroes

A fan-favorite mutant is set to debut in Marvel Heroes with a puff of blue smoke and a trademark BAMF. Nightcrawler, the veteran X-Man whose devilish appearance belies a kind heart, will be available for purchase (or through the game's free/loyalty-earned currency) at the end of this month. Nightcrawler brings with him skill sets based not just on his mutant power of teleportation and natural agility, but also based on the character’s embracing of the swashbuckler lifestyle, a branch of skills will be dedicated to his swordsmanship.

Also coming to the game this month are ‘Cosmic Terminals,’ an extreme difficulty tier of ‘mini-raids’ for max-level character that will offer the rarest equipment as rewards and entice players to clear mobs more thoroughly to earn bonus rewards. Two of the free starter characters; Hawkeye and Captain America, are getting complete skill tree redesigns, and a new zone filled with Skrull-Cows can be unlocked: the aptly named realm of Bovineheim.

New skins this month include Ghost Rider in his Fantastic Four outfit, a Cable overcome by his Techo-Organic Virus, and three costumes only available to lucky real-money purchasers of the new set of Fortune Cards: a blue-variant of Spider-Man’s Big Time costume, AvX Storm and Enemy of the State Wolverine.

Infinite Crisis

As it nears the end of its Beta (apply for it here), Infinite Crisis brings out one of the DCU’s big guns: Superman, and though the game has complete access to the DC Multiverse, this Man of Steel is the genuine article from the primary Earth. Joining Kal-El this month is the Tim Drake Robin also of New Earth and the Poison Ivy from the nuclear war scarred Earth-17.

Commiserate with his legend, Superman plays as a heavy hitting Bruiser-type with a power set that keys to the character’s classic set of abilities. His passive conveys a defensive buff akin to his invulnerability and his most basic special attract boosts his physical strength. Superman's freezing breath and heat vision slow attackers or pushes them back while dealing damage at the same time. Finally his ultimate attack has him flying straight at an enemy with both fists causing direct and splash damage.

The consummate sidekick, the Tim Drake Robin is loaded with passives and other skills that augment the other heroes/villains on his team. Along with a quickly cooling passive debuff that can be used to call out targets, Robin can use his bo staff for crowd control and as a damage-reflecting shield. Another potent buff dubbed Dynamic Duo bestows Robin and a chosen ally lifesteal, boosts to energy regen, move speed, and attack power. Finally Drake's ultimate attack does damage in a range around him and buffs the attack damage for all allies around him for the next eight seconds, plus two more seconds for each enemy champion struck.

One would think that a Poison Ivy from an Earth ravaged by nuclear war would be weak, but this version has a set of skills that can really 'grow on you.' Her powers all stem from her passive, Toxic Growth, which grants her a shield that poisons attackers if she is out of combat for ten seconds. She can also emit a poison field around her that deals double damage if the target is affected by the aforementioned debuff. Her next special roots (if you will) the targeted foe, damaging them and keeping them from getting away. If the target is affected by the Toxic Growth debuff, Ivy's shied is renewed and her move speed increases. Her Wall of Thorns attack slows and damages enemies that cross it, Toxic Growth'd enemies are also silenced for a second. Finally her ultimate attack grows a small forest on the battlefield that buffs allies armor, grants stealth and bestows Toxic Growth on enemies, perpetuating her life cycle.

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