A Second Title For AQUAMAN? DAN JURGENS Says 'Why Not?'

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Aquaman and the Others #1 standard cover
Credit: DC Comics

In April, DC's ongoing Aquaman comic will get a spin-off title, capitalizing on the recently introduced, fan-favorite superhero team, The Others.

Aquaman and the Others will be written by Dan Jurgens, the writer/artist who's been active in the New 52 universe since it launched in 2011. With this latest project, Jurgens will be working with Lan Medina to explore the mysterious mythology of the Others — and the mystery behind the Atlantean artifacts that give them power.

Newsarama talked with Jurgens to find out more about the new series.

Newsarama: Dan, I'm going to ask what a lot of fans might be asking about this series: A second series for Aquaman? Really?

Dan Jurgens: Why not?

Geoff Johns did a great job reshaping Aquaman in the New 52. In his very first issue, Geoff took on the topic of Aquaman being a bit of a lightweight character head on. Aquaman is now more dynamic and interesting than ever before.

On top of that, The Others are a very interesting group of individuals who will be part of all that.

Nrama: What is it about The Others that interested you?

Jurgens: I'd say it's the disparate composition of the group.

Most teams are bound together by a common interest and purpose.

These people are from much more diverse backgrounds and are bound together by the old Atlantean talismans the possess. That diversity is what I find most interesting.

Nrama: How would you describe the premise of the series?

Jurgens: These characters come from a variety of backgrounds and geographical areas. It's the story of a disparate group of people trying to establish common goals and interests when there would appear to be none, set against a background of global intrigue and mystery.

Nrama: What characters play a main role in the comic?

Jurgens: Aquaman, of course.

Nrama: Of course, but how much of a role does Aquaman play in the series?

Jurgens: I see him as the glue that holds the group together. Without him, there is no team.

Nrama: We've seen some of the familiar Others characters on the cover. Any that are particularly compelling?

Jurgens: I find all of them to be compelling and it's our job to get readers to feel the same way. Prisoner Of War, for example, carries the memories and experiences of a number of soldiers who died alongside him. What does that do to a man?

Ya'Wara is a creature of the Brazilian jungle, yet finds herself in a world of technology. That has to be alien to her.

And when you have a guy who comes from beneath the sea, well... it becomes a very interesting mix.

Aquaman and the Others #1 standard cover
Aquaman and the Others #1 standard cover
Credit: DC Comics

Nrama: How does the team work together? Can you describe some of the characters and their relationships, and how they play off each other?

Jurgens: In some cases, it might be more common for them not to work together.

They don't have a clubhouse. They don't have a satellite.

What each of them does have is an Atlantean relic that comes with power. The past of those relics is a bit of a mystery as well, and we'll delve into that.

They aren't necessarily the best of friends. Ya'Wara and Aquaman appear to share something of a past, while much of what the Operative has done in the past is still secret. There is inherent conflict within the team, which is something they must overcome.

Nrama: How much does it tie into the main Aquaman series?

Jurgens: The two books will reflect aspects of each other, of course. The idea is that Aquaman should be of consistent character across the two books.

Nrama: Is the series accessible to people who haven't read Aquaman before?

Jurgens: Very much so. As we move along we'll certainly fill new readers in on what's transpired before.

Nrama: As an artist yourself, what do you think the art side of the Aquaman and the Others team will bring to the series?

Jurgens: Lan Medina is doing a great job. He has a very lush style that really enhances the book. He does great facial expressions, which is vital to a team book. And it seems he's already developed quite a fondness for Ya'Wara.

Nrama: Anything else you can tell fans about Aquaman and The Others?

Jurgens: I think we have some great surprises in store for people, not just in terms of character, but in terms of the impact upon the DCU itself. If readers have as much fun reading the book as we're having while producing it, everyone will be happy!

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