Power of Orange: Philip Tan & Three More Orange Lanterns

Tan & Three More Orange Lanterns

Green Lantern #39

Artist Philip Tan is sharing more of his Orange Lantern designs, but this time looks may be deceiving.

While some of the Orange Lanterns designed by Tan for his upcoming run on Green Lantern look innocent enough, as he told Newsarama last month, "there are things in the story that I don't want to give away, but one thing you might think about is how these creatures look like predators." The artist, who is best known to DC readers for his work on Final Crisis: Revelations, reveals in our interview below that even the most innocuous-looking Orange Lanterns have a way of hunting.

Beginning with next month's Green Lantern #39 by writer Geoff Johns, Tan will be filling in on the title for the "Agent Orange" storyline as regular artist Ivan Reis works ahead on future issues of Green Lantern. The Orange Lanterns utilize the energy of avarice, or greed, much like the Sinestro Corps uses the yellow energy of fear in their ring-powered corps.

Based on the idea that emotions hold power that can be harnessed -- with the Green Lanterns harnessing the central green-colored power of willpower -- the War of Light is a prophesized battle between the Green Lanterns and other factions who control various colors in the emotional spectrum, with a total of seven colors due to unite in battle. It's all a precursor to the highly anticipated Green Lantern event titled "Blackest Night," which is scheduled to take place next year, featuring Black Lanterns who are raised from the dead of Earth.

Newsarama talked to Tan about these latest designs and what it's like to work with Johns on the build-up to the War of Light.

Whole 'lotta teeth

Newsarama: Phil, you've told us before that these most of these creatures who harness the power of avarice are "hunting based." But this first one doesn't look a lot like a predator, although there are a lot of teeth there. What can you tell us about this first Orange Lantern?

Philip Tan: He definitely is one of the top predators, but this lazy hunter burrows a hole on ground and hides in there with its mouth wide open facing the sky. It is filled with earth and vegetation to camouflage itself, waiting for enough prey to pass by and get swallowed. This beast usually won't be hard to deal with by any ring bearer even with it standing over 20 feet high. But with the ring, it creates all kinds of conjured traps that weakens the opposing light. Geoff is tentatively calling him Fragulla. The first one with a name.

Not harmless at all...

NRAMA: The second Orange Lantern also looks fairly harmless. Are looks deceiving? How is this a deadly Lantern too?

PT: The most deceiving of the Orange lanterns. The little fellow can split its back open to release a huge amount of slime that will just consume anything.

NRAMA: We're seeing a lot of Orange Lanterns who seem to use multiple rings to lure others. Is that something we should be noticing about Orange Lanterns in particular?

PT: Yes.

NRAMA: What can you tell us about this third creature?

Just one ring for me, thanks.

PT: Probably the fiercest warrior among the Orange lanterns, but too much pride to wear another ring. Whatever he doesn't get, he destroys. A bottomless hunger for power.

NRAMA: Is that armor on his head?

PT: The armor plating on his face and neck are to protect the only vulnerable area of him.

NRAMA: To finish up this time, Phil, now that you're getting into drawing the series itself, can you tell us how it's been working with Geoff on these issues?

PT: It is really challenging trying to keep up on the designs and fleshing out of the planet and creatures in this story arc. But Geoff keeps challenging me on coming up with crazier stuff each time! And the script -- he really knows how to keep the artist's creative engine running. Just as you get two pages of slower moments, you get something exciting to draw immediately. Really great pacing for the artist schedule-wise.


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