Report: GAL GADOT's 3-Picture Deal Includes JUSTICE LEAGUE, WONDER WOMAN Solo Film

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot in Bello Magazine
Credit: 2013 Bello Magazine

Wednesday, thanks to an interview with Israeli talk show Good Evening with Gai Pines, we found out that actress Gal Gadot said she has signed a three-picture contract with Warner Bros to play Wonder Woman. That means her appearance in the Superman/Batman sequel to Man of Steel, recently pushed back to 2016, plus two more undisclosed films, which most people speculated would include the planned follow-up to that film, Justice League.

Thursday, the venerable Hollywood trade magazine Variety is taking it a step further, reporting they've confirmed the three picture deal, and then specifically naming the two additional movies that are part of the contract as a Justice League movie and a Wonder Woman "standalone" film.

"Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who was recently cast as Wonder Woman, has signed a three-picture deal with Warner Bros., Variety has confirmed," reads Justin Kroll's story.

"We’re told Gadot will play the role in not only the upcoming “Batman-Superman” flick, but in a Justice League movie and a Wonder Woman standalone film."

Kroll does not word the story to explicitly say he's confirmed either the three-picture deal or the identify of the additional films with Warner Bros. or names his source, so this is a report we'll keep a close eye on.

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