Two ARROW 'Blind Spot' Previews Tease DEATHSTROKE, Trouble for Laurel

Deathstroke from ARROW
Credit: The CW

Here is a clip and a preview video from tonight's (January 22) episode of Arrow, "Blind Spot," the 11th of the CW series' second season. The first clip is courtesy The Hollywood Reporter and features Slade Wilson, now with eyepatch, and mayoral candidate Sebastian "Brother" Blood having a discussion about the latter's recent efforts in carrying out Wilson's grand plan for revenge.

Wilson was revealed as the mastermind behind this season's efforts to take down our hero "The Arrow," and having spent time with him on the island, knows Oliver Queen's secret. In the second clip, it's also teased that Slade will don the classic mask as Deathstroke in this episode, though whether that's in the present day, revealing himself to Oliver, or in the flashbacks on the island where they've recently been estranged we have yet to see. Either way, things don't look good for Laurel in this episode, and as Deathstroke continues to amp up his game, things won't be too good for Ollie, either.

Arrow airs at 8pm on Wednesday nights on The CW.

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