DOCTOR WHO Travels Across Time and Space to TITAN COMICS For New 2014 Series

After several years with IDW, the Doctor Who comic book license is going back home to the UK, with publisher Titan Comics. In an official press release from BBC Worldwide, the companies announced their new deal (which didn't give a timeframe for how long it is), promising new Doctor Who comics in 2014.

The new series planned will cover the Tenth Doctor (as portrayed on TV by David Tennant), the Eleventh Doctor (as portrayed by Matt Smith), and the just debuted/upcoming Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), giving brand new "lost stories" of the prior two, and adventures of the newest incarnation as he premiers on television.

The doctor regenerates after a traumatic event, changing his looks, demeanor, and often mission, while keeping certain aspects of himself alive, and that's BBC and Titan's plans for the comic, as well. No date beyond "2014" and no creative teams were announced yet, though Titan did tease to Newsarama that the creative teams will be "jaw-dropping."

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