Obama Comics Go Into Fourth Printings

Obama Comics Go Into Fourth Printings

Presidential Material: Barack Obama, fourth printing, from IDW

The American public’s hunger for seeing their new President in comic books apparently knows no bounds.

Both Marvel and IDW have announced that their respective comics with Obama in them (Amazing Spider-Man #583 and Presidential Material: Barack Obama, respectively) are going back to the printer. Amazing Spider-Man #583, which received huge national attention has sold thorugh three print runs worth of issues in three weeks, while the IDW Obama biography has been on sale in comics shops since before the election, and was paired with an issue that focused on John McCain – the latter still in its first printing. “For some reason, the John McCain comic hasn't sold quite as well,” IDW Publisher Chris Ryall noted on his blog.

The new printing of the IDW comic will sport a photo cover from the Inauguration, and a transcript of Obama’s acceptance speech. The new printing of Amazing Spider-Man #583 will feature a new cover as well.

While publishers do not release actual print run numbers, many are anticipating that Amazing Spider-Man #583’s final number of copies printed could easily top 200,000.

Savage Dragon #137, which featured Obama's first comic book appearance (the hero endorsed the candidate on the cover) has sold through three printings. The character later met him after the election.

Both the fourth printing of Amazing Spider-Man #583 and the fourth printing of Presidential Material: Barack Obama are due in stores on February 4th.

The new President also appears in this week's Thunderbolts #128 from Marvel - which has already sold out at the distributor level, although copies may be available at individual stores. In the storyline that begins in the issue, Obama becomes the target of supervillain assassins, and has a fairly large ineraction with characters such as Norman Osborn and Doctor Leonard Samson.


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