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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

For a long time, Wolverine was the rogue and the mystery man inside Marvel’s mutant family known as the X-Men. But now he’s got competition: Doop.

The green-skinned floating glob of a character Doop is getting his chance to become a breakout star in 2014 as Marvel has tapped Peter Milligan and David Lafuente to create a new solo four-issue series. Doop, who debuted in Milligan’s revamp of X-Force in 2001 with Mike Allred, has evolved in readers’ eyes from being an oddity to an enigma – an enticing one at that. Recently Doop was seen extensively in Wolverine & The X-Men as Wolverine’s secret protector of the school, but come April and the debut of All-New Doop this secret sensation won’t be a secret any longer.

Newsarama spoke with Milligan and Lafuente about the four issue All-New Doop series, explaining that it shows Doop’s previously unknown involvement in the recent X-Men: Battle of the Atom and his secret crush on one of his fellow X-Men. Along the way the creators talk about the appeal of Doop, his path from X-Force to now, and where they could see him going next.

Newsarama: What a book - -this is a long time coming. Peter, David; what’d you think when Marvel came to you with an idea to do a Doop solo series?

David Lafuente: I was very surprised. Doop is not an obvious character to launch a brand new title, and that's probably one of the reasons why they wanted to do it. Nobody, me included, would expect this move. And on top of that, I'm a big admirer of X-Statix. I followed it back in the day and was shocked by the chances they took and the strong personality the series had. I'm quite happy to be part of a project that explores one of those charactersfurther.

Peter Milligan: It was very loose at first, simply a desire on Marvel's part to tell another Doop story. There were no parameters. But I knew that if I were to do another Doop story it would have to be big. It would have to mean something. It would have to say something not only about Doop but of the X-Men world in which he - sometimes - lives.

Nrama: What can you tell us about the story of All-New Doop?

Lafuente: Insanity, of course.

Milligan: Our story takes place alongside, underneath and just to one side of X-Men: Battle of the Atom. It will largely be in the "wings" of X-Men: Battle of the Atom. But as we'll see, the wings can sometimes tumble onto center stage. Doop has a thing for Kitty Pryde. In All-New Doop, we see him try to do something about it, which will involve many of the characters and even some of the scenes from X-Men: Battle of the Atom.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Lafuente: Think Back To The Future 2. We witness certain scenes of that story from another perspective, giving them new meaning, and at the same time we tell this other bizarre situation Doop jumps into. Expect continuity guacamole, strange romance and questions answered about Doop's past.

Nrama: Of all the characters to come out of X-Force and X-Statix, on the surface Doop is surprising to me to be the breakout star. Once I read him I understood, but how do you feel about Doop becoming this breakout star above all others?

Milligan: This is a question I'm sometimes asked. I'd love to revisit some of the other X-Statix stars again, but Doop offers his own particular pleasures. On the surface he doesn't have the obvious star quality of Mister Sensitive or Edie Sawyer (U-Go Girl)--but Doop gives us the freedom to rip up the usual way of progressing with a comic. He also effects any characters that interact with him in strange ways, which I think is part of his appeal.

Lafuente: Doop is full of secrets. Comparing him to Wolverine pre-Origin may seem inappropriate because, well, Doop is a flying green potato. But there is something there. You don't really know the extent of his powers or what he did before joining X-Force or even the language he speaks. It's also implied that he has this past full of adventures shared with other Marvel characters. All very mysterious and cool. And he makes weird faces too and I don't think that hurts his likeability.

Nrama: Are there other characters in those X-Force and X-Statix issues you’d like to revisit – possibly even in this series?

Milligan: There might very well be some walk-on roles for some of the old X-Statix gang in this series, but I'd love to write something else that focuses on Edie Sawyer, Mister Sensitive and some of the others. In fact, I'd love to re-visit X-Statix full stop at some junction. There'd be the same characters--though I'd like to explore them from a different angle. It's just a matter of time, the right opportunity, and the western economy not completely imploding.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Lafuente: I would love to have a scene in All-New Doop with the rest of the X-Statix team. Dead Girl has been dead for too long!

Nrama: Peter, since your time writing Doop others have gone and elaborated on the story and past that is Doop. What do you think of the other Doop stories that have gone on since the end of X-Statix?

Milligan: I don't want to mention any one in particular. I think overall it's been a bit of a mixed bag. At times people have tried too hard to be weird. And they've tried too hard to make Doop funny. Doop doesn't consider himself funny. As far as he's concerned he's desperately serious.

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