Kyle Higgins Leaving NIGHTWING With March's #29

Credit: DC Comics

Nightwing #29 will be the final issue written by Kyle Higgins, the writer announced Thursday morning on his Facebook page. The new creative team will start in April 2014, and will be announced with those solicitations in the next week.

"It’s a weird feeling to leave the book after almost three years, and even though I would love nothing more than to write Dick Grayson for another fifty or sixty issues, it’s time to move on," Higgins wrote.

Credit: DC Comics

Higgins went on to thank everyone he's worked with on the title from editors to artists to other writers, and the fans for reading. He says that "Issues 28 and 29 are for [fans]" and will allow him to close out his current stories.

The future of Dick Grayson as the star/identity of Nightwing are up in the air due to the events of Forever Evil, the current major DC Comics crossover event series. In that series, his identity has been revealed, leading to speculation that Grayson will either give up heroics or change his ID (including speculation that he's the blonde in the "Bats-giving" teaser image). A female character dressed in a variation of Nightwing's costume has also been teased by DC Comics.

This is the second major creative announcement made Thursday morning by a DC writer - Scott Lobdell announced he is leaving Teen Titans, and that the series in its current incarnation is in fact ending, in April as well.

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