AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Goes Weekly with Digital, Fialkov

Cover to Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I infinite comic
Credit: Marvel Comics

If you've been reading Newsarama this week, you've seen two names over and over: Peter Parker and Joshua Hale Fialkov. The writer is busy, with new books for Dark Horse, Oni, and the Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe relaunch. And Peter? Oh, he's coming back with an all-new Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April 2014.

The two are also teaming up for that other comic book buzzword, digital comics. In the new infinite comic also starting in April, Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? Peter Parker has more than one identity crisis to deal with after returning to his body and taking over the role of Spider-Man once more. In the digital series written by Fialkov and drawn by Juan Bobillo, Antonio Fabela, Geoffo Beauleau and JL Mast, Parker starts the story with no memory and in the middle of robbing a bank. He'll find out he's Spider-Man, but, thinking he's a villain, continue on with his "scheme," as Fialkov put it in a press release.

The thirteen part story will then explore just what it is that keeps Peter Parker acting as a hero. With no memory of the major people and events that made him that way, will he naturally move toward being a good guy, or will he act selfishly, as he did when he first got his powers?

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