Yup, DOOP Is Getting His Own Series... No, Really.

Doop #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Yes, Marvel's latest teaser that was really anything but has been officially revealed. Doop really is getting his own five-issue limited series starting in April called All-New Doop #1.

What's 'all-new' about Doop? (btw, if you have to ask who or what Doop is, you're probably on the wrong website, you're looking for Wikipedia) Well, let's start with what's old first - co-creator Peter Milligan is writing the series, and co-creator Mike Allred is doing covers. David Lafuente is handling interior art (so that's new!)

Credit: Marvel Comics

Lefuente told Marvel.com in the announcement interview that Doop is unique, "even in a universe inhabited by zillions of crazy characters like machine-gun dolphins and talking bombs." Milligan, meanwhile, said that Doop is "close to [his] heart, and probably several other organs to boot." The writer also noted the odd character's staying power, saying it's because Doop is "so hard to pin down or fully understand."

Credit: Marvel Comics

The story to All-New Doop will take place amidst the "Battle of the Atom" crossover from late 2013, with Doop's story taking place "in the margins" of that one, says Milligan. "though Doop seemed to play no part in the original Battle of the Atom, this story reveals the truth. And the truth is very surprising, in a very Doop kind of way." The future and past characters from that crossover will also appear in this story.

Lafuente promises lots of "strange" in the series, including the end of the first issue, and jsut seeing how Doop travels in and out of the story. While there are comedic moments, they come from the absurdist qualities of the character, though Milligan says his story is "deadly serious."

All-New Doop #1 hist shelves April, 2014.

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