Learn the Secrets of the Amarr Empire in EVE SOURCE Preview from Dark Horse & CCP Games


Take an exclusive look inside the pages of the upcoming EVE: Source for an in-depth look at the Amarr Empire, a featured group in the video game universe.

EVE: Source HC

CCP Games (W/A/Cover)

On sale Mar 5
FC, 184 pages
HC, 9” x 12”

EVE: Source is your comprehensive source book and visual guide to the gargantuan universe experienced in EVE Online and DUST 514! Developed in close collaboration with the EVE and DUST 514 creative teams, this beautiful 184-page, full-color hardcover will immerse readers in the history and lore of EVE through stunning artwork and never-before-released material detailing the settings, stories, races, and factions of the EVE universe.

•A beautifully designed resource chronicling one of gaming’s most massive, dynamic universes!

•MMORPG.com’s Game of the Year 2009–2011!

•2014 marks the entry of EVE Online into its second decade!

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