The Dead Wedding - DEADPOOL Marks 'Most Important 27th Issue of a Comic Ever'

Credit: Marvel Comics

Deadpool’s done nearly everything there is to do in comics; but there’s one thing he’s never done – that is until 2014.

Get married.

This April, Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth will get hitched to an unnamed woman in Deadpool #27. Announced earlier in January, this “super-sized” issue will feature series writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn along with artist Mike Hawthorne doing the main thrust of the story, along with a who’s who of previous Deadpool writers coming back to wish the newlyweds well in a series of short comics. There’s a lot of questions to be asked, from who the bride is to how it happened – and most importantly – will they both show up in time, so we talked with the primary creators to find out how it all happened, what’s happening, and what readers can expect.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama: Literally I don’t think there’s anyone I’d be more shocked about having a wedding in comics than Deadpool. How’d this all come about, guys?

Gerry Duggan: Initially jokes, but it fit the needs of our Deadpool story. Deadpool hasn't had much of a life that he's been able to carve out for himself. He knows why now, and he's wounded by the last few issues. He tries lashing out in his go to manner, during the arc that Mike Hawthorne and Jordie Bellaire are working on wrapping up now. Deadpool's results are mixed to negative. The wedding is an impulsive way that he's jump-starting his life.

Nrama: Mike, we’ve seen you draw all types of comics before – even romance comics – but you, Deadpool, and a wedding? Color me shocked.

Mike Hawthorne: Dude, you and me both! After having made comics for 12 years without drawing a superhero comic, I'm as surprised as anyone to be a part of this thing!

Nrama: Although it’s just been announced, Deadpool #27 isn’t that far away. What can people expect with this issue?

Hawthorne: Violence?... Yeah, mostly violence.

Duggan: Some fun, big guest stars, action, romance, new characters, old friends and yet more fallout from the North Korean peninsula, and Deadpool's run in with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nrama: Mike, what was your first reaction when the plot for this issue came to you?

Hawthorne: I just took it in stride. I think Gerry has noted that this was not planned as an "event", but rather just another mess Deadpool has gotten himself into.

Not that getting married is a mess regularly. It's just a mess the way Deadpool does it.

So I just approached it as another bit of character development for this character we've all grown so fond of. I think it was just [editor] Jordan D. White who had the foresight to see that this would be BIG!

I've never had much foresight. I thought square burgers were dumb, no one would ever watch a show about a sponge, and that comics would be a good way to get rich!

Nrama: Tell it to us straight, guys – who’s Wade marrying? I know you can’t say, but I have to ask!

Duggan: Newsarama Note: This is the answer to this question. You absolutely must click this link!

Nrama: If you can’t tell us who the bride is, at least tell us this – have we seen them meet before?

Duggan: I can't tell you, but if you look at the previous 26 issues, we've got more new than old. So I don't know if I'm saying that's our M.O. - to make new toys, or maybe I'm saying we're balancing the scales now and it's someone you've met.

Nrama: A “wedding issue” is a unique event in superhero comics. Any favorites from the past come to mind while you two were working on this?

Hawthorne: I'd be lying if I said I had a favorite. Usually I avoided wedding issues because I thought they were sappy. If only they'd made wedding issues like Deadpool's when I was a kid!

Duggan: The Peter & MJ one for sure. Also it reminded me of an idea years ago for a character called “The Retributionator” and his family was killed in the crossfire during an Italian wedding, and his whole family died. The entire giant size first issue was just going to be the origin, but it was just The Retributionator crawling around and calling each person by name. For 22 pages. This Deadpool wedding will definitely be better than that would have been.

Nrama: That’s a high bar, Gerry. Last question – as enticing as Deadpool getting married is, I’d almost be more interested in the bachelor party. Any chance we’ll get a peek at the kind of party Cable would throw for Deadpool?

Duggan: The back of the book will contain many wonderful surprises for Deadpool fans. You're pretty much guaranteed to love it. Not all the surprises have been revealed about the wedding issue. As Jordan D. White said, "This will be the most important 27th issue of any comic, ever." So stay tuned.

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