DARK HORSE Confirms STAR WARS Digital Purchases Will Stick Around

Star Wars storefront on Dark Horse Digital
Credit: Dark Horse Comics

If you're a Dark Horse Digital customer, today's news that the Star Wars license was moving over to Marvel Comics in 2015 may have sounded a bit scary. After all, in this digital age of not owning a physical unit, or even most times an actual digital file thanks to cloud storage being the rule, not the exception, if a brand changes hands, do you still own anything at all?

Luckily, Dark Horse Comics has confirmed to Newsarama that yes, your digital purchases of Star Wars comics will still be available to you, either on your device of choice, or accessible via the cloud storage. They won't go anywhere with the license transfer, so feel free and secure to keep buying that way if it's your preferred method. If you didn't even know you could do such a thing, you can do it right here at the Star Wars brand section of the Dark Horse Digital store.

Unfortunately, fans will not be able to purchase new digital Star Wars comics on the Dark Horse store post 2014, the publisher confirmed. So if you're hankering for a big digital collection of their 22 year history, you need to start your buying now, and do it by the end of the year.

As for how they're going out on the license? Dark Horse teases, "Dark Horse has a FULL YEAR of Star Wars titles coming down the line.  We're going full speed to December 2014." They also teased that they'd have special Star Wars exclusives at major conventions this year.

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