Marvel's Crazy-Ass Killers DEADPOOL & CARNAGE Face-Off in April

Deadpool vs. Carnage
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel is in the midst of their pre-solicitation news cycle. On the heels of Monday’s Newsarama-exclusive announcement of Jim Starlin’s Thanos: The Infinity Revelation original graphic novel on sale in April, Tuesday morning IGN introduced another new April 2014 Marvel launch.

Deadpool vs. Carnage is a four-issue limited series also debuting in April by the creative team of writer Cullen Bunn and artist Salva Espin, the reunited pairing from Deadpool Kills Deadpool.

According to IGN, despite never crossing paths in the Marvel Universe previously, the two make for a natural pairing (or pitting) – “Both are hyper-violent characters. Both sometimes have a tenuous grip on reality. And both debuted in the early '90s at the height of the speculator boom, maintaining devoted fanbases even as the market has ebbed and flowed,” argues the online news site.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Bunn, who tells IGN the series stands alone and doesn’t require having read any previous Deadpool stories (including his own), said the Marvel U should be rejoicing the two characters will finally cross paths.

“Finally the one guy who’s really capable of putting an end to Carnage’s reign of bloodshed and brutality is on the case!” explained Bunn. “Maybe these two aren’t as unrelated as we think, because there’s a connection between them that allows Deadpool to track Carnage like nobody’s business. And since Wade’s the only person who can follow the trail of blood Carnage leaves behind, he feels obligated to take the psycho-killer down.”

On the Carnage side, the writer said the series is a progression of Carnage’s history of a character, and a chance to get “back on track” focusing on doing what he does best, having in his mind “gone astray” in recent years.

“He’s committed to serving chaos, to random killing,” said Bunn. “But if Deadpool is able to track him, just how random are his actions?”

Credit: Marvel Comics

Finally, Bunn addressed why both characters, borne out of the early 90’s, have maintained their popularity over the years…

“I think both of the appeal of these characters lies in that quality of ‘what the Hell are they gonna do next?’ that both of them share,” Bunn explained. “For Deadpool, we’re constantly wondering about the wild, ridiculous antics he has up his sleeve. For Carnage, we wonder at the lengths he’ll go to for an increase in body count. That’s something we’ll see in this book - a kind of one-upmanship between the two. Zany versus murderous! A titan against a titan!”

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