Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

After several months of teases on his own social media sites, Newsarama can exclusively confirm king-of-the-comic-book-cosmic story Jim Starlin will return to the character he created - Thanos - in the 2014 original Marvel graphic novel Thanos: The Infinity Revelation.

This will be Starlin's fifth "Infinity" title for the publisher, which kicked off with 1991's now seminal Infinity Gauntlet crossover, which if the post-credits seen in last month's Thor: The Dark World is any indication, may be serving as a creative lynchpin for Marvel's entire Cinematic Universe.

Starlin tells Newsarama that Thanos: The Infinity Revelation finds the so-called Avatar of Death on the precipice of a universe-wide catastrophe caused by Thanos himself.  Rarely seen major cosmic forces such as Eternity, Infinity, and the Living Tribunal come onto the scene to witness this universe-ending threat, and Thanos finds himself working with the man he once killed but might be his only friend, Adam Warlock.

Starlin promises that Thanos will visit many of the brightest stars in Marvel’s cosmic gallery, from Silver Surfer to the Guardians of the Galaxy and even the cosmic super-team the Annihilators as tries to fight what Starlin calls impending “universal change.”

Look for more details later Monday afternoon in an exclusive interview with Starlin, along with two more exclusive images from the OGN.

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