Update: The Next MARVEL COMICS Wedding Revealed, Should Be Utterly Ridiculous

Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated 1/2, 10:30am: And here's the big reveal, courtesy of The Nerdist: Deadpool is getting married. The full cover by Scott Koblish accompanied a Gerry Duggan interview, and it is a doozy - a no-prize goes out to the first fan to list every character in the image.

In the interview, Duggan revealed that originally they pitched a Deadpool wedding "more or less as a gag," but editor Jordan D. White elevated it into more of an event. Of course, this might not be the best thing to ever happen to the bride. Duggan said, "As for how long she’ll be around, I’m not 100% sure, because when you get close to Deadpool, that’s maybe when I start to think about adding you in my deadpool."

The writer also assures fans that while there are gags and this is definitely Deadpool going out to "do something crazy," there are also "real reasons why Deadpool would do this now… a good, grounded reason for why he fell in love."

The wedding issue will be Deadpool #27 in April, and features the cover with 245 characters on the two-page spread. They have actually submitted the cover to the Guinness Book of World Records, though they haven't heard back just yet. In addition to Marvel Comics characters, there are members of the Deadpool creative team in attendance, as well. Val Staples colored the artistic craziness.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated 12/31, 2:45pm ET: Two more pieces of the 'puzzle' for Marvel's April 2014 wedding teaser emerged Tuesday; one at Marvel.com and another at the LA Times' Hero Complex.

One of the new pieces (below) features the bride, although she's veiled and there isn't much to go on in terms of guessing her identity, other than it appears to be a she.

We're going to leave the Photoshopping of the various pieces to our readers this time, however. But does the revelation of most of the bridal party offer any new clues?

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated 12/30, 11pm ET: It looks like Marvel may have invented a new long-tail teaser - the jigsaw puzzle teaser. Newsarama's friends at CBR got their own bloodied April wedding invitation Monday,  but with a different puzzle piece, and it happens to fit together with ours.

Here's a look at the piece CBR published earlier Monday, and (forgive us, it's after hours and our images & graphics team aren't around) a very crude locking of the two pieces together, along with our piece and our original story below.

Be kind you experiences Photoshoppers amongst us. We're more Word folks ourselves.


Credit: Marvel Comics


Credit: Marvel Comics

Original story: Marvel is apparently planning a wedding in April 2014, and going by this teaser that found its way into our mailbox Monday morning, it looks like it might get bloody. 

An adaptation of Game of Thrones infamous Red Wedding? No, Marvel doesn't have that license and the puzzle piece indicates this one has a who's who of Marvel heroes on the guest list.

The last Marvel nuptial of significance was 2012's wedding of Northstar and his longtime boyfriend Kyle in the pages of Astonishing X-Men

The image's filename is "invitation_2" so be on the look out for another piece of the "puzzle" sometime soon.

But until then, any guesses?

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