Archangel's Back in X-Force. Yeahbuhwhat?

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The streets are running red with the blood of the non-believers.

Marvel’s X-Force has only been around for four short months and it’s already making big waves for the mutants of the Marvel Universe. The first issue saw the return of Bastion; the second—Magus, father of Warlock and carrier of the Trans Mode Virus that spawned the Phalanx. The cliffhanger of the third issue might actually need its own article with the conglomeration of returning villains—but the final page of the fourth issue of this bloody mess of a comic book takes the cake:

It appears that Archangel is back—and he’s pissed.

Yes, folks, after years of abnormal mutant normalcy—Warren Worthington has reverted to shades of a darker day when he was Death, the Fourth Horseman of Apocalypse…and it appears that X-Force has a fight on their hands!

Newsarama contacted X-Force co-writer Chris Yost to talk about upcoming bloodbaths and eviscerations at the hands of this Black-Ops squad comprised of the X-Men’s deadliest members.

Newsarama: Chris, readers have been dying to know what's going on with the return of Archangel—since his image first turned up on the cover of X-Force #5 in July's solicits. Issue #4 has given everyone a taste of what's to come—care to elaborate some more?

Chris Yost: We just got in all 22 finished pages of art on issue 5, and it's stunning. Is Archangel good, bad, crazy, or maybe a pawn of Apocalypse? You'll start to find out here. Like the solicit says, it's Archangel vs. X-Force, and it's no holds barred. All the players are set now, and this is where it all comes to a head.

And you really haven't seen someone get pinned to a wall with feather-daggers until you've seen it drawn by Clayton.

NRAMA: It seems like each issue has something or someone making a return from past continuity. Bastion, Magus, Steven Lang, William Stryker, Cameron Hodge, Bolivar…

BOLIVAR TRASK?!? He hasn't been seen in 40 years...

CY: What can we say, we like continuity. Each of those guys are part of x-history, and we figured kids today should get to enjoy their mutant killing ways as much as we did.

And yeah...Bolivar Trask. He invented the Sentinel. He earned his seat at the table, whether he wants it or not.

You'll see soon that the techno-organic 'zombies' are anything but. They were truly resurrected, they have their memories, their personalities, the yellow/circuitry is fading away. But there's a part of Bastion in the back of their minds, ready to take control. Ready to give orders. Their free will can and will be over-ridden.

NRAMA: Should readers prepare for any more villainous surprise returns?

CY: In issues #7 and #8. Next arc is going to be fun; bloody, bloody, death dealing fun—with a side of assassination and torture. But in fun ways.

NRAMA: Will Archangel be joining the ranks of X-Force? Are there any other potential members joining in the near future?

CY: Archangel does seem to be on the cover of issue #7, doesn't he? And yes, next arc has a couple 'new' members.

NRAMA: X-Force will also be appearing in Cable in the very near future--will they take Bishop down once and for all?

CY: I assume so, because X-Force is so bad ass. That appearance is totally Duane's gig, but it's fun to see the team killing people in other books.

NRAMA: Do things have to get so bad for mutants before they can get better whatsoever? Every mutant hating person of any kind of affluence is back from the dead. The organism that spawned the Phalanx is alive. A sentinel from the future combined with a Master Mold is back...what next?

CY: Yeah, I think so. Evil never sleeps. So if the good guys actually win, it's that much bigger. Yeah, we've thrown a lot against them, and yeah - this team isn't exactly a powerhouse. They're not the X-Men, they're the grunts. So them taking on something like this, something they're not cut out for - all the better.

NRAMA: Wolfsbane has been the victim of a heroin overdose and now she's mauled Angel and Elixir--is this traditionally innocent character going to be able to look at herself in a mirror ever again?

CY: It actually gets worse, I'm sad to say. See issue #7 for Rahne's new outlook on herself. It's not really that new for her, to be honest. Just more...certain.

NRAMA: As the first six months begin to wind up--what can you guys divulge about the next 6 months?

CY: The last page of issue #7 sets up the next arc, which has two stories going on concurrently. One for the team, one for Warpath. And the Warpath one is nuts. But the main team story, it's a hunt for a petty little guy that is about to become one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

NRAMA: Will there be continued friction between X-23 and Wolverine?

CY: Friction and gunplay. Yes, the two of them have a complicated relationship, to say the least. Complicated, and bloody.

NRAMA: Will anything occur with Warpath's burgeoning romance with Hepzibah?

CY: Hepzibah makes an appearance in issue #7. Poor Warpath.

NRAMA: Are there any characters that you wanted to include in X-Force that were already being used? Are there any characters that you still would like to see in this motley crew of murderous mutants but you just can't land them?

CY: It rhymes with 'Fredpool'. We didn't even ask, actually, but Craig and I have talked about it. Just imagine the fun. But we're very excited to see him in his own bloody series again.

NRAMA: Last thing - in eight words or less--give readers something cryptic to chew on.

CY: Every mutant on the planet is going to-- Well, that's eight right there.

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