Word Balloon: Ed Brubaker - Incognito and More

Word Balloon: Ed Brubaker - Incognito

Incognito #4

On this episode of the Word Balloon podcast, we speak to writer Ed Brubaker, about his new series from Marvel’s ICON imprint, Incognito. We discuss the differences from Ed's other ICON series, Criminal.

"Incognito is a noir pulp story about a super villain hiding who he really is in a witness protection program, but he tires of trying to live a suppressed ‘ordinary life’... It's like when the film Goodfellas ended. I wanted to see what happens next, when the bad guy can't take his forced normal life anymore".

We talk about Ed's pulp influences for the story, and about the first issue's essay about the 1930's pulp hero The Shadow from Pulp Historian Jess Nevins. "Jess will be doing all the essays for this first story."

We also get a behind the scenes look at Ed's upcoming film Angel of Death staring Zoe Bell, Doug Jones, Ted Raimi, and Lucy Lawless. Before going to DVD, the film will be presented in webisodes for Crackle.com, Sony Pictures Entertainment's online video network, beginning in February.

Warning! This audio interview gets into some subject matters which may not be suitible for younger and more sensitive listeners.

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