ARMOR HUNTERS Is Coming, Valiant Teases Summer 2014 Event

Armor Hunters Teaser 1
Credit: Valiant Comics
Armor Hunters Teaser 2
Armor Hunters Teaser 2
Credit: Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics is teasing a Summer 2014 event, this time centering on their flagship character, X-O Manowar - and things don't exactly look good for our hero.

So far, the publisher is being conspicuously quiet about the project. The two teasers (click the one above for the full-size image) have only two lines of text on them:

"Bend the Knee, or Take the Head"


"Earth Will Be the Greatest Hunt of All"

So who are the Armor Hunters? Why are they after X-O? What is the scope of this event? We anticipate it will be similar to last year's Harbinger Wars, with a stand alone mini-series accompanied by tie-in arcs in another book or two, but that's merely supposition for now. We hear through the grapevine that we'll know much more later this week.

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