Update: JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT Eyes 'Dream' DC Comics Role

Credit: DC Comics

Update Tuesday 9:30am: Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirmed on his facebook page that he has officially signed on as Producer for Sandman, though "the rest remains to be seen," the actor, director, producer clarified. His two statements on the matter follow:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros, and Neil Gaiman on SANDMAN. #Prelude"

"Just to clarify, folks. I've signed on as a producer on Sandman. The rest remains to be seen. Delighted you guys are excited. I am too!"

Original Story: Well, we knew he'd be involved with something comic books again, didn't we?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who appeared as a teased heir to the Cape and Cowl in The Dark Knight Rises, and has been rumored for basically every male comic book role in a film since then, may have found his next property: Sandman. And yes, we mean the Vertigo, Neil Gaiman, Dream of the Endless version.

But wait, there's more. JGL, according to Deadline, is teaming with David Goyer to make this Dream come true as producer, director, and rumored star of the film. His directorial debut, Don Jon was well-received by festivals and critics, and reportedly opened the door for this move.

Morpheus aka Dream aka Sandman, is an eternal creature known as the Endless, and controls as well as personifies the dreams of all living creatures. The series Sandman by Neil Gaiman launched Vertigo, DC Comics' long-running mature-readers imprint. Gaiman's love for the character and concept even brought him back, as Sandman: Overture recently launched from the publisher.

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