Marvel Comics' January 2014 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The mystery behind Marvel's Inhuman's delays has been partially solved - via a creative change. Instead of Matt Fraction, Charles Soule will be the writer of Inhuman, joining artist Joe Madureira on the series with the first issue now scheduled for April 2014.

"Years ago, young(er) Charles made up a list of Marvel characters that would be a blast to someday write - my Marvel Dream Team, basically – and the Inhumans were on that list,” said Soule in a press release. “So getting an opportunity to work with those awesome, strange, classic characters, as well as to expand the existing mythology into cool new places is pretty extraordinary. Infinity and Inhumanity work as amazing springboards to new stories and new characters, and I cannot wait to create them!”

Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso praised Soule, who is also writing the soon-to-launch She-Hulk and Thunderbolts for the publisher, saying from his first script he "knew he was going to be a star."

No reason was given in the release for Fraction leaving the title before its first issue, originally solicited for a January debut.

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