Marvel Names SURVIVE #1 Creative Team, Diamond Shows Off Variant Covers


Newsarama has learned from Marvel Comics just a hair of new information about the mysterious Survive #1, the "missing" solicitation from the March 2014 Solicitations. While they're not ready to reveal the cover image or solicitation text just yet, they have at least told us who the creative team are. Brian Michael Bendis is writing Survive #1 - a one-shot - with art by Joe Quinones and a cover by Olivier Coipel. Does Bendis's involvement mean it's an Ultimate follow-up of some kind? It certainly points in that direction.

Meanwhile, in David Gabriel's regular interview with, the Senior VP of Sales of Marvel Comics trumpeted the "broader spectrum of characters and creators" than ever before in a major push for the company. Gabriel noted that while the first Marvel NOW! pouch "focused primarily on [their] core titles," this time around they're reaching deeper into their roster, hoping to see the same kind of success from characters like Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, and more.

To get more people into stores to try these new titles, Gabriel acknowledged that in addition to traditional marketing, they're pushing "through every channel possible - TV, radio, Social Media, internet, print, and digital," as well as leaning on the higher profile of their characters through live-action and animated television, as well as their highly successful films.

Take a look at the FULL-SIZE covers Gabriel brought along for the ride, including the John Cassaday variant to Magneto #1 you can see to your left.

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