CLOCK KING Next DC Villain Cast for ARROW

Robert Knepper
Credit: Fox
Credit: DC Comics

The DC Cinematic Universe continues to expand on the CW. Arrow's producers, not content with characters like Count Vertigo, Black Canary, Roy Harper, Bronze Tiger, China White, Shado, Slade Wilson, Amanda Waller, Anthony Ivo, Garfield Lynns, Solomon Grundy, Brother Blood, Barry Allen, Merlyn, Ra's Al Ghul, Brion Markov, Jean Loring, Sin, The Dodger, and many more, continue to pull in characters from DC Comics as they expand what the company can do in live action.

The latest addition? The Clock King, by way of Robert Knepper, alum of Prison Break and current co-star of Mob City. Knepper's version of The Clock King, according to TVLine, will be so known because of the exact precision to his crimes. He'll be at least in episode 14 of Season 2, an episode already notable - it will also see the return of Alex Kingston (Doctor Who) as the elder Dinah Lance.

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