ANIMAL MAN Ends with March 2014's #29

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On his personal blog, writer Jeff Lemire has announced that Animal Man #29, due out in March 2014, will be the final issue of the series. A bit of a dark horse candidate from the very beginning of the New 52, the series outlived books that had "Justice" and "Legion" in the titles, building a large following for its unique, unabashed approach to horror in a superhero story.

Lemire announced that for the final issue, he'll be both writing and drawing the (majority of the) book - something he usually reserves for his creator-owned work. Travel Foreman will also contribute art to the finale. He did give some solace to fans, however, announcing that he's not quite finished with the character: Buddy will be joining Justice League Canada.

"As sad as I am to be finished writing the solo stories of Buddy, Maxine, Ellen and Cliff,  I am also excited to announce that I will continue to write the monthly adventures of Animal Man when he becomes regular member of the new Justice League book I am writing," Lemire said.

The writer noted that the series wasn't cancelled, merely that he had finished Buddy Baker's solo tale as he saw it, and wanted to take him into the new team setting. DC agreed to let Lemire end the series but still continue to drive his story.

"I look forward to plenty of more excitement and adventure with Animal Man in the pages of Justice League. I've written the first five Justice League scripts and Animal Man has really taken on a new life in the book, so I hope you'll come along for the ride."

Animal Man #28, due in February 2014, is pictured above

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