ARROW Season 2 Mid-Season Finale: Five Things to Watch For in Truly Game-Changing Episode

Arrow's Mask!
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On Wednesday night on the CW at 8pm ET, Arrow season two has a mid-season finale that should make fans, frankly, absolutely nuts. That means they’ll be going good nuts over some things, crazy nuts over others, and anxious nuts for the next episode (not to mention a whole other show we have to wait at least 9 months for).

Yes, that’s right, we’ve seen the final episode of Arrow for 2013, titled “Three Ghosts.” As the name implies, there’s a bit of a “Christmas Carol” theme here, but – well, we’ll let you find out below (and on the show, of course).

There was no way to do a proper review or summary while staying spoiler free, so here are five things we took away from the episode. These are things you may want to watch for, and some hints at what’s to come while not dishing out any spoilers. If you’re particularly averse and like to go in completely fresh, wait to read this until after you’ve seen the episode, though.

Without further ado, here are five things to keep an eye (and ear) open for in the Season 2 mid-season finale of Arrow.

5: Barry's Enthusiasm is Contagious

There's just something about Barry Allen. Maybe it’s the fact they decided to cast him a bit younger than Ollie. Maybe it’s that grin. Maybe it’s his quick action and knowledge of important facts. Maybe it’s just Grant Gustin doing a great job. Maybe it’s the thing with the… wait, can’t tell you that.

What’s neat to see in this episode, is that despite Oliver’s reservations, we do see Barry rub off on him a bit, and that can only be a good thing for the man with the steely exterior they’re now calling “Arrow.” Oh, and Barry gets, let’s say at least three insanely major moments of his own in this episode. At least three.

4: A Major DC Villain Gets Mentioned

Oh, we so wish we could tell you this without it being a massive spoiler. Let's just say, this is the biggest DC Villain ever mentioned on the show, and it isn't just a little casual insertion of words into a conversation. This is a full-on mention, with a phrase comic book fans will hear and recognize. If you're a major fan, you may have caught it already in the preview text for the episode, but even that was just a civilian name.

Okay, we have said too much. Ears open in the first 15 minutes, fans.

Heh, and to go along with that name drop, there’s a second – how did we say it last entry? – insanely major moment for a DC villain here.

3: Thea, Sin, and Roy - The New Scoobies?

This whole second generation of characters on Arrow have been slowly becoming closer, with Roy Harper, Thea Queen, and Sin slowly growing into a team. We’ll see that team-up take a large step forward and then a bit of a step – maybe not back, but at least a bit to the side. Still, it’s cool to see their chemistry building, and without any hint of a contrived love triangle in the mix. And Roy fans? Oh boy.

2: The Tiniest Tease of Iris West?

"I have a little experience with liking someone that barely knows you exist…"

That’s the (admittedly extremely) tiny tease we get that Barry has his own unrequited love experience. Of course, interestingly, a reporter tied to a different Flash also gets a cameo appearance after this mention. Either way, it’s a little nod, and a little wink, to the fans that hints at where things will go and who we might see in The Flash when it hits CW next fall. I say that definitively, because after this episode there is no way that show doesn’t get picked up.

1: Not Everything is What it Seems

Okay, that’s the most generic “hint” subheading ever, and I’m sorry for that. Unfortunately, it’s also all you’re getting out of me without introducing the dreaded spoiler.

Let’s see, how can I hint at things here. There’s a nice payoff that connects the “Island story” with the “City story” in a crazy didn’t-see-it-coming way. And basically every plot thread that gets closed leaves another four or five wide open. Look, outside of that, let’s just say DC fans will have plenty of “holy cow” moments, and fans of the show will get a deeper look into the DC Universe than ever before.

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