GAME OF THRONES, Borderlands Next on Telltale Games Episodic Adventure List

Credit: Telltale Games / HBO

Telltale Games, the acclaimed developers behind The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us (a Fables game), are moving beyond comic books for their source material in 2014. While further chapters of both of those games are on the way, the next two licenses were announced during Spike's VGX awards show on Saturday afternoon.

First up is a game based on a game. Tales from Borderlands will bring the episodic adventure format with the same deep storytelling and choice-based gameplay to Gearbox's popular shooter series. The developers will work together to expand that universe, giving people the opportunity to go much deeper into the Borderlands mythos.

Beyond Borderlands, TWD, and Fables, however, Telltale has a fourth title in the works for 2014: Game of Thrones. The developer is working in concert with HBO, off the TV license of the property, meaning it will take place in that ever-so-slightly altered version of the world that started in a novel series by George R.R. Martin. While Telltale didn't have much beyond a teaser, they did promise the game won't take place exclusively on the outskirts of the story (The Walking Dead mostly does, and The Wolf Among Us is a 20-year prequel to Fables), allowing you at least some interaction with the established world of characters.

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