UPDATE w/ Full Release Date: Bryan Singer Reveals Next X-MEN Movie for 2016, With MAJOR Villain

Credit: Marvel Comics

Update: Fox had this to add to Singer's tweet, saying that his tweet was the official title of the next X-Men movie, and giving a full release date for the film.

"X-Men: Apocalypse will open in wide release on May 27, 2016."

So there you have it. Fox is nailing down that late May weekend as their X-Men day for more than just 2014, it seems.

Original Story: Bryan Singer is at it again on twitter, but this time he's not talking about the May 2014 release, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Instead, he's looking ahead to the future, and teasing what's coming in 2016. His tweet Thursday afternoon said simply, "#Xmen #Apocalypse 2016!"



That has a heavy implication to fans of the X-Men franchise. The mutant villain Apocalypse also goes by the name En Sabah Nur - "The First One" - implying that he was in fact the first mutant ever. Born thousands of years ago, Apocalypse has ruled over societies and cultivated the mutant genome, waiting patiently for the day that mutants became prevalent in society so that he could use them to take over the world. An obsessive follower of strict Darwinism, Apocalypse lives by one rule: Only the Strong Survive.

In the 1990s, a storyline called "Age of Apocalypse" saw an alternate timeline created (that happens a lot in the X-Men universe) where Apocalypse saw mutants in the spotlight sooner than he should have, and successfully took over the world. Ruling as a despot, he corralled humans into concentration camps (though there was a resistance based in Europe) and carved up the rest of the world into areas governed by various villains. Characters like Mr. Sinister, Havok, and Cyclops were on the side of the ruling class - though some eventually rebelled. It was the ultimate Apocalyptic story - in more ways than one.

Is Singer implying a film version of "Age of Apocalypse?" It's quite possible. It would fit the theme of continuing to grow the X-Men franchise and continuing to introduce larger casts, expanding what a film can show in scope. It would also allow Singer to introduce new versions of mutants that have died or need recasting due to actor age or commitments without actually rebooting the film franchise - alternate universes are a great way to "cheat" the system in that way.

Of course, he could just be announcing the big bad. Apocalypse's story does not begin or end with Age of Apocalypse. He's also tied very closely to Cable, who, according to his creator Rob Liefeld, is going to be front-and-center in the upcoming X-Force film also in development. Either way, with only three words, Singer has certainly intrigued fans and introduced quite the possibility for the future.

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