New Krypton Times 7: Final Edition

Cover to 'Action Comics #873'

Action Comics #873

DC’s “New Krypton” wrapped up this week with part 10, “Birth of a New Nation” in this past week’s Action Comics #873 by Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Renato Guedes and Wilson Magalhaes (preview here ), so once again, it’s time to take a look at what happened in Newsarama’s New Krypton Times. As we’ve been doing with NKT, we speculate, turn over some rocks, chew the fat, and offer up some thoughts about what happened in the issue. As always, we want to know what you thought too, so get through this and let’s hear your thoughts down below.

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So where do things open?

With General Lane and Lex Luthor, of course, still playing with Doomsday’s dead body. From the whiteboard, Luthor is clearly working along the lines that Doomsday was developed as, or could be developed as a biological weapon, as trauma that results in death only makes him stronger in his next reincarnation. Also in the scene – not too much of a surprise, but Luthor reveals that General Lane set Doomsday loose on the Kryptonians back in Part 4 (Action #871). And – General Lane makes a weird statement – “What kills you makes you stronger…” a reference that his presence here isn’t sloppy continuity – General Lane was killed back during the “Our Worlds at War” event when he was caught in a nuclear explosion – he later appeared as what seemed to be a ghost to Lois in Action Comics #832.

Oh, and as for the differences between Lane and Luthor? Lex wants Superman to die quickly, while Lane wants him to die slowly. We’re going to take that last part as metaphor, meaning that Lane will be behind whatever problems that plague Superman and his friends for the next couple of years.

Meanwhile – back in Kandor...

The battle is still pitched, and Hal Jordan’s observation of “Man, we are so outgunned” is true, as the Kandorians are shown to be pounding on the assembled heroes. Although finally – Supermen gets a good lick in, pounding one of Zod’s officers who claims that Superman doesn’t want them on earth because they are proactive and doing what he has never done – and thus, they make him look weak.

And yeah – Zatanna and the heroes of magic? It’s a good plan – Freddy says the magic word (SHAZAM) backwards, turning it into one of Zatanna’s spells, and while Zatanna and the assembled magicians hold hands, the lightning strikes, taking the powers (we hope that just means flight, as some of them were pretty high up in the battle, and ice is a harsh mistress to land on after a fall) away from the Kryptonians in the immediate vicinity.

Should it work? Eh – we figure magic in any universe is like a recipe – put the right ingredients into it, and you get something close to the desired result. The spell hit 10,000 of the Kryptonians, so it effectively ends the battle near the heroes.

And then – the payoff of Alura working with the Brainiac technology – the Kryptonians who can fly hammer the ice surrounding the city, and, powered by Brainiac tech, Kandor lifts up into the sky, covered by a force shield – just after Supergirl gets inside (and you wondered why the force shield was mentioned again and again in flashbacks and in the story). Up, up and away the city goes until, just above earth, Krypton-esque crystals form, and shortly thereafter, city it sitting atop a sphere, a new planetary body.

Two things with that:

Polar bears are now giving Alura the middle claw – as if they didn’t have enough problems with the Polar ice cap disappearing lately, this woman takes a bunch away with her city.

And you know both the Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey Luthors are looking up at someone who successfully rigged a Kryptonain-touched real-estate scheme are looking at Alura with envy and admiration.

And New Krypton sets itself up directly opposite of earth in rotation around the sun.

Okay, yeah – there are those, most notable folks who have gone to school for many years, and study space a lot (Neil deGrasse Tyson, we’re looking at you…and Michio Kaku too, for good measure) who will tell you that the gravitational orbits of planets are precisely engineered things, managed to the millionth decimal place by Newton’s Laws, and that any planet-sized body inserting itself into a precise orbit opposite that of earth would somehow affect earth’s movement and placement near the sun. Then they say things like Earth Lagrange 3 point, decaying orbits, and things like “crashing into earth and destroying it, See also the film Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, 1969, directed by Robert Parrish.”


That’s all. There just are people who would say that, up to and including the "See also" part.

Oh, and Marvel’s had one for years, and it’s a fairly popular science fiction device, and come on – the DC Universe has been a science fiction universe for decades. If you’re looking for strict adherence of Newtonian Physics, superhero comics, full of flying men may just not be the match for you. Just sayin’.

Of course, it goes without saying that in the coming issues of the respective titles, if we don’t see a reference in JSA or JLA about how they are constantly monitoring for anything coming from that direction…we’ll be annoyed (although there was a hint of that in the latter pages). New Krypton is a major threat to the earth in the DC Universe, and we’re sure General Lane sees it as nothing short of a new, super-powered Cold War.

What else from this issue?

Lana and Lois have a caption box discussion about New Krypton, with Lana wondering why people can’t give New Krypton a chance, and Lois apparently holding back the urge to yell at Lana. We tend to agree with Lois – New Krypton isn’t just a planet of peaceful by misguided Kryptonians – it’s a planet of 100,000 Supermen under Alura’s (and others’ – see in a moment) control. She’s shown herself to be headed down a xenophobic trail that would make KKK members softly say, “Wow. Impressive” to themselves as they put their hoods on. With this setup, it kind of makes you want to carefully examine every line in Geoff Johns’ Legion of Super-Heroes work, as a planetful of Kryptonians probably made some impact on the history of earth at some point.

Not to mention that these Kryptonians, were sure, are going to figure things out with their powers that Superman never dreamed of, as he never really thought of them as offensive weapons.

What else in this issue?

Flamebird and Nightwing – still on earth, as is Superwoman, but we knew they would be. Wonder if there are any others that stayed behind?

The villains the Kandorians put into the Phantom Zone? Still there. The Bizarros of Bizzaro World are wondering where their “hero” is, too.

Brainiac is awake, and Luthor still has his fingers in Doomsday. Literally.

And Superwoman Looks like she killed Agent Liberty, and is working for General Lane’s outfit.

As of Superwoman’s identity? Thara is still on Kandor, so that’s a “nope.”

Oh, and as for the issue and storyline’s finale – as we’ve mentioned, Kandor had 600 or so of Zod’s troops inside it when it was taken. An interesting point was that it was never mentioned that Alura was one of Zod’s supporters. So yeah – Zod, Ursa and Non are back out and about on New Krypton.

All in all – did “New Krypton” deliver? Well, there were those points where we wished Superman would’ve you know, done more, but all in all, it added many new, and interesting monkey wrenches to the DC Universe, and Superman’s life in particular. It also makes one wonder just why he’ll be going off into space (though we have a feeling it has something to do with his line to his dead father at the end of the issue when he said that he’d help people first and foremost, and not let anyone get in his way). AS we said, the establishment of New Krypton just around the corner from earth is a massive threat to Superman’s adopted planet, and for him to leave now…with 100,000 copies of him looking at living either in a domed city, or coming and taking what must look like a virtual paradise by force from its natives? We’re hoping Superman doesn’t exhibit that kind of colossal lack of insight, but with the pieces we have now, it’s hard to understand why he’d leave earth now - unless it’s to go to New Krypton and make things right, no matter what the cost (which the solicitation and cover seems to suggest), and the coming Superman: World of New Krypton wraps up with the battle between Zod and Superman. We’ll see…

So – what were your thoughts on how “New Krypton” ended?

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