Full FREE Issue: GREEN HORNET YEAR ONE #1 by Matt Wagner


The new Omnibus Collection of Green Hornet: Year One is in stores today, but you can get a jumpstart by reading the entire first issue right here, exclusively!

Matt Wagner (w)
Aaron Campbell (a)
Alex Ross (c)
FC • 304 pages • $29.99 • Teen+
At last, the thrilling origin tale of the Green Hornet and Kato, the classic crime-fighting duo, can be told! After his father's death, Britt Reid takes control of his father's newspaper, The Daily Sentinel... but discovers that his true inheritance is his father's thirst for justice. Donning the iconic emerald outfit, developing an arsenal of non-lethal weaponry, and building his rapport with martial artist and driver Kato, Reid launches a crusade against mob boss Vincent "Skid" Caruso, making the bullet-ridden Chicago streets safe again during the Prohibition Era. But will the Green Hornet and Kato survive when their efforts attract the attention of the sadistic enforcer called The Scourge?
This volume collects the complete twelve issue series by Matt Wagner and Aaron Campbell and features a cover gallery by John Cassaday, Matt Wagner, Alex Ross, and more!
“Excellent work from top to bottom, from story to art, from satchel to paige!” – Major Spoilers
“Wagner plays to his strength with period pieces, and this book is a winner.” – Blog Critics
“Green Hornet: Year One is a terrific comic series and does justice above and beyond to one of the great classic radio heroes of all time. Any pulp fan worth his fedora would be wise to pick it up.” – Pulp Fiction Reviews

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