Eve of INFINITY’s End with Hickman & Brevoort

Marvel previews for November 27, 2013
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

For months, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been fighting a war on two fronts – one in space against the enigmatic Builders and one at home as Thanos and his new generals attack Earth – but now it all comes down to this: Infinity #6. With Thanos on the threshold of all his goals, the battered heroes return home for a face-off against Thanos and his Obsidian Order. On the eve of this pivotal event series finale, Newsarama spoke with series writer Jonathan Hickman and Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing (and editor), Tom Brevoort, and discussed the big moments to look forward to, the unlikely heroes who might stand up during Earth’s darkest hours, and their own thoughts as they bring this event to a close.

Newsarama: We’re heading into the big finale with Infinity #6 this Wednesday—what’s it like to be this close to the finish line?

Tom Brevoort: For me, honestly, it’s old business. My focus is now completely on all the books coming afterwards. For me, Infinity is finished… done. It hasn’t come out yet, but we really don’t have a lot of time for victory laps, ceremonial parades or back-patting; we have to get the next bunch of comics done. My focus is on post-Infinity titles coming out next. It’s nice in that Infinity shipped, but I’m on to the next problem, the next crushing deadline and the next tight squeeze situation. I don’t even notice it when books come out half the time unless people comment on it, and then I realize “Oh, that came out! Great!”

Credit: Marvel Comics

Jonathan Hickman: I’m actually the same way. I don’t have time to sit there and think about what might be coming out when my inbox is full of emails from Tom demanding the next script. [laughs]

Brevoort: [laughs]

Hickman: I do miss the halcyon days of doing one book and it coming out once a month and then hanging on to what people say about it, and living and dying on reviews. But I think I can speak for both Tom and I when I say we’re glad people have liked it so far, and we’re glad we can keep doing what we’re doing for the most part.

Nrama: In the last installment we saw the space-bound heroes beginning their return to Earth with it nearly overwhelmed with Thanos’ forces. Can you describe the fight Cap and his contingent of heroes are in for in Infinity #6?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Hickman: It’s the biggest challenge they have faced up until this point; it’s for all the marbles.Unlike the space stuff that’s gone on previously in Infinity, this is them trying to save their home, Earth, and their families.

Brevoort: It is really a spectacular battle sequence. There have been folks who’ve commented that “Boy, Thanos does seem to do a lot of standing around and walking in the story!” All that is made up for in Infinity #6. It is possibly, maybe even probably, the biggest most brutal throw-down that has ever involved Thanos to date. It’s pretty spectacular.

Jim Cheung went all the way over the top on every page and every line; it’s something to behold. In terms of visceral-ness, it’s smack-packed for thems that like it.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: All the pieces seem to be in place for this final showdown between Thanos and the heroes. This really has that big fight feel like old boxing matches. Any surprises come up in the writing of this issue?

Hickman: For the Thanos stuff, no; we had been building to how that would conclude since day one. But I was kind of surprised at where I ended up with Wakanda and the Supergiant battle happening to the side of the main story. I didn’t know it’d turn out the way it had, and now it’s one of my favorite parts of Infinity.

Nrama:The real unknown commodity of Infinity is Thane. Can you tell us where his mind is at on the eve of Infinity #6?

Hickman: Thane is full of dread and someone who thinks that his time is up. I’m sure he hoped it would go other ways, but his life has fallen apart and his dad has come to kill him. I don’t know any other way to say it. I don’t know any way he’d have a positive mindset in all of this.

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Brevoort: For him it all started with him accidentally killing pretty much everybody he ever knew after training for years to be a healer, a medical practitioner. But he woke up one day to the Terrigen Mists coming down and activating his powers, and literally killing everybody he ever had in contact with him; and then his dad showed up to kill him. That’s how his week started, and it’s only getting worse.

I can’t imagine Thane is in a very up place. This is definitely going to be one of the days on the calendar outlined in black with red strokes; it’s a baaaad day for Thane.

Nrama: As the culmination of this major event, people expect big moments from the big characters. But do any characters that don’t have their own movie or don’t have their own series get a moment in this final issue?

Brevoort: Certainly the big Galactic Council leaders get a moment or two; Gladiator, Ronan, the Super Skrull, Annihilus. Not only in the thick of action but in the aftermath as well; the composition of the galactic peace gets shifted around before the book is over.

But really, in terms of characters on the ground and in the action, it’s mostly the core Avengers – the big guns. It’s not like we don’t see other characters, but this is all the best and brightest of the Marvel U dog-piling on Thanos and his gang.

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