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Who killed John F. Kennedy? Magneto did, or so Fox's new promo website would have you believe.

Apparently, in the universe of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Magneto assassinated the President of the United States. With an article by "Harper Simmons" lending a deep dive to the look into Eric Lensherr's life, it is written "today," meaning Magneto is in a prison in the present day for the crime he committed 50 years ago.

Aside from an alternate telling of the assassination, giving a reason for a bullet to "bend" (what with the mastery of magnetism and all), the article gives several easter eggs for X-Men fans to hunt out. There's mention of Trish Tilby, of District X - even the novel Magneto possesses was seen in his possession on-screen in an earlier film. "What If…?" gets a nod, Project: WideAwake is named, and a mutant under an inhibitor collar is named "Kelly Seagle," likely after comic book writers Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle, two of the "Man of Action Studios" team, and alums of various X-Men comics.

Credit: Fox

Despite the evidence and conviction, Simmons seems unconvinced of Magneto's guilt, however. She tells the story of Magneto's rise, including a recap of X-Men: First Class, before name dropping the "Brotherhood of Mutants." It tells of the death of some characters from that film (likely to help explain why they're missing in the new one). The backstory, however, also paints Kennedy in a mostly mutant-friendly light - basically that he was too mutant-friendly for those that feared them, and not enough for mutants themselves.

The article then goes on to take the real-life "bent bullet theory" of conspiracy buffs and insert Magneto into the equation. Experts and the article writer remain somewhat unconvinced, however. There is some allusion to the possibility of Mystique, or another shapeshifter being involved, too, as Lee Harvey Oswald claimed to have not killed anyone. Jack Ruby, Oswald's killer, similarly has a strange "lost time" claim, which could involve either a shapeshifter or telepathy.

A video accompanies the article. Check it out below.

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