Marvel Universe LIVE! Character Designs

Preview is showing off character reveals and costume design sketches from the cast of Marvel Universe LIVE! - the live-action arena show that will tour 85 North American cities beginning in July 2014.

A co-production of Marvel and Feld Entertainment, the show hopes to, "showcase your favorite Marvel heroes and villains in a brand new light incorporating special effects, aerial stunts, martial arts and more!"

"This show is all about giving Marvel’s loyal fans an immersive live experience like they’ve never seen before and having these iconic villains in the mix will achieve that in a very significant way," said Kenneth Feld, Chairman & CEO, Feld Entertainment, Inc. and producer of Marvel Universe LIVE! in a press release.

Among the 21 images are some very traditional looks for classic Marvel heroes, along with some very different takes on few Spider-Man villains in particular.

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