Report: 35 Possible SUPERMAN/BATMAN Movie Titles Registered

Superman - Batman Movie Logo
Credit: Warner Bros

According to the website, Warner Bros has recently registered 35 domain names that appear to be potential titles for the 2015 Man of Steel sequel that will star Superman and Batman.

According to the story, the domains were registered through the "Internet brand protection company" MarkMonitor, reportedly the same service Warner Bros. uses for its own domains and used to register the domain.

Among the domains reportedly registered are “Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness,” “Man of Steel: Black of Knight,” “Man of Steel: Darkness Falls,” “Man of Steel: Knight Falls,” “Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour,” and “Man of Steel: The Darkness Within.”

In other words, there's a lot of "Dark" and a lot of "Knight" in the list.

The full list, according to Fusible, follows:

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