Warner Bros Wins 'Final' SUPERMAN Rights Appeal

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short
Credit: DC Comics

In what is being described as a decision over a "final" appeal by Deadline, Warner Bros has once more won a court victory asserting their rights to Superman. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed earlier judgements that state that Warner Bros is the sole copyright owner of Superman and all derivatives, largely due to the original deal with the heirs of one of his creators in 1992.

That deal gave the heirs of Shuster a stipend for their lifetimes in exchange for all rights. A similar agreement was made with Siegel's heir in 2001, disclosed as a "multimillion dollar" agreement. Under attorney Marc Toberoff, those agreements and rights have been challenged for several years.

Eleven months ago, the Siegel case was decided by the same court, ending further Appeals on that half. This ends the half of the Shusters.

Warner Bros now legally owns Superman, with rights affirmed against any possible heirs or challengers.

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