Creative Visions: Robson & Williams on MISS FURY's Time-Bending Adventures

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The week of Creative Visions interviews with Eddie Robson for Dynamite continues with a book that takes superheroic adventures and sends them through time and back and forward and rewinds and – it’s a little loopy is all we’re saying.

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The focus this time around is Eddie Robson and Miss Fury. With issue 7 on stands now, Williams talks about the non-linear nature of the series and the challenges that imposes, and more about his new take.

Eddie Robson: Miss Furylooks a lot of fun to write.  Are you pleased with how it’s gone so far?

Rob Williams: I'm pleased with the fact that we've done something different and pretty adventurous at times. A non-linear time travel story probably isn't the easiest sell. It's a book that asks the reader to keep up. And I'm pleased with the fact that we've created a three-dimensional lead in Marla Drake that, hopefully, sidesteps a lot of the 'hot jewel thief in spandex' clichés. Oh, and I'm pleased with the work that the creative team have done on it. Jack Herbert's been wonderful on the book, in particular. So yes, I guess I'm pleased with it.

Robson: How is it different from previous things you’ve written?

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Williams: The non-linear time travel stuff is very freeing creatively but it's also a complete bugger to keep track of. You write yourself into plotholes so easily. But it's an approach that allows us to create this jigsaw puzzle of Marla Drake's character. You see her be something of a cold, nasty piece of work in issue one. But then, through her past, you see why. And you also see her trying to become a better person. But I said after writing #5 that I'm steering clear of time travel stories for a while. They make your head hurt.

Robson: She’s one of these classic superhero characters who’ve been interpreted in different ways – how do you go about pinning down her character?

Williams: The whole 'rich society girl by day, wisecracking superhero of the night'' thing has been done to death. She was kind of immoral when we first met her. But then you start writing a character bio, and you ask yourself why she's like that, and you realise she's been kind of a victim, and she's very troubled and needs help. And then she meets a good man and he sees good in her, and is the first person to ever see good in her. And suddenly you're starting to see a fully formed character. It kind of happened organically. And I'm a sucker for a redemption story.

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Robson: The current issue is about a parallel-world Miss Fury – what distinguishes her from the normal one?

Williams: She's Miss Fury who never found love, never had someone tell her she could be a good person, so she's gone down this spiral of self-loathing and hedonism and crime for crime's sake. She's not nice people. And that holds a mirror up to our Miss Fury, which shows how far she's come, and how she really doesn't want to be that person.

Robson: How do you see this book developing?

Williams: We've got some fun stuff coming up. The Philadelphia Experiment, a mobster who believes he's a superhero, and a mission behind enemy lines to a Nazi time travel scientist's laboratory. Ultimately, it's Miss Fury's search for Captain Chandler, her lover. She finds him, she saves her soul.

Robson: What else do you have coming up?

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Williams: Ordinary, my creator-owned book with D'israeli, is coming from Titan soon. Very excited about that. Ditto for The Royals: Masters of War, a six-issue series from Vertigo by me and Si Coleby. That's due in February. I'm writing two books in the Marvel UK Revolutionary War series - Knights of Pendragon and Super Soldiers, and I have a couple of big Judge Dredd stories coming too from 2000AD.

Eddie Robson is the writer of Dynamite's The Art Of Sean Phillips, as well as Doctor Who: Skyjacks! and Captain America: Living Legend (both with Andy Diggle) and forthcoming strips for 2000AD. He also writes radio comedy for the BBC - his series Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefullyis available from iTunes and Audible - and Doctor Whoaudios for Big Finish Productions. You can find him on Twitter: @EddieRobson

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