EA Says STAR WARS Video Games Will Keep Expanded Universe Alive, Plus STAR WARS Movie News

Credit: EA

In a report by Variety from the UBS Global Technology Conference, Blake Jorgensen, EA chief financial officer, told people at the conference that upcoming Star Wars games from EA's ten-year deal with Lucasfilm and Disney will not be movie adaptations. Instead, the games will be treated as "their own franchises."

"We've done movie games over the years, and we wanted to make sure that we weren't doing a movie game, a game based on the movie. The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is that it's so broad and so deep, you don't have to do a movie game, you can do a game that's very focused on the world that's been created around Star Wars," Jorgensen said. He went on to specify they are or will be working on "games in many different genres across multiple types of platforms" across the ten-year agreement.

That's good news for fans of what's come to be known as the Star Wars Expanded Universe. While it seemed Disney's focus was retracting, pulling into just the films and animated series, or the "core" canon of the overall Star Wars mythos. We have talked before about the possibilities of the Expanded Universe contracting or being rebooted. While there will still be changes - the trilogy of films from Episode VII and beyond will not be using established Expanded Universe continuity - it is nice to know that Lucasfilm under Disney is still allowing people to simply tell (hopefully) good stories inside the broader Star Wars brand.

EA has three development teams already working on Star Wars games, with a targeted release beginning in 2015, the same year as Star Wars: Episode VII's debut on December 18. Visceral Games and BioWare are working on unannounced new titles for the franchise, and DICE is working on Star Wars: Battlefront, the revival of a fan-favorite franchise all on its own. The EA games, as expected, will focus on AAA titles for home consoles, while Disney Interactive works directly and with other developers on mobile titles.

The LEGO Movie Goes to a Galaxy Far Away

The Lego Movie, hitting theaters in February 2014, is adding to their already crowded list of licensed characters appearing in the film. Characters from Star Wars - though it hasn't been specified which ones - will appear in the cgi film, alongside DC Comics characters and other licenses held by the ubiquitous toy company.

We don't know just how they're doing it, but it should be fun to see all those characters on screen in one film. We don't, however, envy the lawyers who had to draw up all these contracts. Check out the first trailer for the movie (sans any Star Wars characters) below!


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