Comings & Goings: DC's STORMWATCH Cancelled As New Artist Debuts

Jeremy Roberts art
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

The last remaining WildStorm title that was part of September 2011's New 52 line-wide launch is closing shop in April. Stormwatch #30 will be the last issue of that series the publisher officially confirmed Wednesday, following in the footsteps of the short shelf-lives of Voodoo and Grifter, as well as the later Teen Titans-spin-off-with-a-WildStorm-tip launch The Ravagers.

On its way out, however, Stormwatch #30 will help introduce a new artist to DC readers, Jeremy Roberts.

The newcomer came to DC's attention during their Harley Quinn open talent search competition in which artists were encouraged to submit their interpretation of the lead character. Roberts caught DC's attention had his art appear in the Harley Quinn #0 issue going on sale this week (to your right) and will graduate to penciling a full issue with April's Stormwatch finale.

See samples of his Stormwatch art by clicking on the image above and below.


Credit: DC Comics
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