R2-D2 Officially Cast, Expensive X-MEN: 'DAYS' Doing Reshoots, NIGHTWING On ARROW?

X-Men Days of Future Past
Credit: 20th Century Fox

The fields are alive with the sounds of fresh rumors and news in Hollywood. Today we've received confirmation of the first cast member for 2015's Star Wars film, as well as some unexpected news about X-Men: Days of Future Past. All of that, and some active lobbying/rumor-monging by the potential Nightwing for a role in the Man of Steel sequel or possibly in Arrow.

First Character Cast for Star Wars Episode VII – And He’s Short

After much speculation, rumors and fanfare, the official Star Wars blog has released news of the first official cast member for 2015’s Star Wars Episode VII: R2D2. Announced after a very well-received shot of director J.J. Abrams standing beside an R2D2 unit at his film company Bad Robot’s offices, R2D2 is one of the few characters who have appeared – and had major roles – in all six of the Star Wars episodic movies.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Doing Last-Minute Re-Shoots

It looks like Bryan Singer is going back to the future – X-Men: Days of Future Past that is. The Calgary Herald is reporting that Singer and the film’s crew is returning to Montreal for some unplanned reshoots for the film, which is set for release on May 23, 2014. Reshoots are a common practice in the film industry, but the Calgary Herald’s source says the amount of reshoots is extensive.

“A couple of weeks is a big reshoot,” Quebec film commissioner Hans Fraikin told The Calgary Herald. Some sources have labeled X-Men: Days of Future Past as 20th Century Fox’ second-most experience movie ever produced after James Cameron’s Avatar, although no firm budget numbers have been released.

The primary filming for X-Men: Days of Future Past was from April to late August, so these late reshoots could be a result of something uncovered in the post-production editing or special effects phases. There has been no reports of which cast members have been called back for the reshoots.

Questions Surround Rumored Casting of Nightwing for Man Of Steel Sequel

The facts are seeming to align to shore up last weekend’s rumors of Nightwing making an appearance in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, played reportedly by The Vampire Diaries’ Steven McQueen. Entertainment Weekly’s Samantha Highfill has chronicled those rumors, tying together tweets from the actor himself as well as possibly corroboration from Greg Berlanti, showrunner of Arrow as well as screenwriter for Green Lantern


McQueen posted several Nightwing-related tweets in the past week, and it his potential involvement was corraborated when Arrow showrunner (and also screenwriter for Green Lantern) Greg Berlanti chimed in on a tweet the actor sent out with a picture of Nightwing, stating "Holy resemblance!"

Neither DC nor Warner Bros. have officially made a statement, so this could be just some open lobbying by McQueen for the role or he could be DC’s version of Vin Diesel, who openly talked about his talks with Marvel for a role in future movies.

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