Who is Superwoman? A Call for Guesses

Who is Superwoman? A Call for Guesses

Supergirl #37

Who is Superwoman?

Last time we talked to Sterling Gates, writer of the Supergirl ongoing series, he was knee-deep in the New Krypton storyline. But he had one tease about what was coming next:

"Start placing your bets on the secret identity of Superwoman. She's not who you think she is."

Beginning with next week's Supergirl #37, the "Who Is Superwoman?" storyline will be exploring more about the mysterious hero who showed up in the DCU wearing the familiar S-shaped symbol of the House of El on her chest. While we've gotten a few hints about her identity -- she seems to have blue eyes and brown hair, and she speaks Kryptonian well enough to converse with Kara -- her identity is still a secret.

Back when we spoke with Geoff Johns about the New Krypton - and Superwoman's debut, he told us about the character: "“I’ll say something about Superwoman - when the idea of ‘New Krypton’ was floating around James and I knew we wanted to introduce a mysterious Superwoman. We came up with the idea of who that would be and why, and some specific beats in New Krypton and beyond, and then Sterling’s is going to take that and run with it. I just read a scene in an upcoming issue of Supergirl that he wrote that was...unsettling,” Johns teased. “I like Superwoman quite a bit and I think came up with some great plans for her. You need to read Supergirl if you’re not if I haven’t made that clear.”

Now we're looking for your guesses on who this mysterious caped heroine could be. After gathering your best guesses on her identity, we'll take the top 5 guesses and run the names past writer Sterling Gates next week to get his thoughts on the chances of those characters being the strange new addition to the Superman universe.

So what do you think? Who is behind that mask? Who is Superwoman?

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