Creative Visions: Robson & Gischler on NOIR's Shadow-y Guest Star

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As this week’s Creative Visions column with guest-writer Eddie Robson continues, today he sits down with writer Victor Gischler. Gischler has done plenty of work for publishers like Marvel Comics, but recently has been doing work for Dynamite.

Credit: Dynamite

While his newest series, Noir, stars the lesser known noir heroines of The Black Sparrow and Miss Fury, the first issue starts out with another hero from the era that Gischler is familiar with: The Shadow.

Robson talked with Gischler about the mini-series, with the first issue on stands now, and talks about The Shadow’s appearance, with some teases of what’s coming up.

Eddie Robson: Noiris a new mini-series, so give us the pitch, please!

Victor Gischler: Noir an Indiana Jones style treasure hunt adventure story, but with a tone and elements that we'd associate with noir, murder betrayal and so on. The first issue guest stars The Shadow, and the adventure continues with a couple of lethal ladies known as The Black Sparrow and Miss Fury.

Robson: How did this book come about? Were you given any of the elements?

Credit: Dynamite

Gischler: It started with a pretty casual remark to Joe Rybandt. I was writing an arc of The Shadow and introducing The Black Sparrow, and it was right around the same time that the first issue of Miss Fury debuted. I thought it would be cool to get those two crazy gals together to see what might happened. It went from there.

Robson: How did you handle writing The Shadow? We all know who he is – but what’s his character?

Gischler: Basically, I kept two things in mind.

1. You have to give these characters trouble. It gets boring fast if everyone is having a nice day. You need some trouble to stir things up. The Shadow is a pretty confident guy. What if something undermined that confidence? What if his powers were a bit on the blink? That was how I started my thought process when approaching the project.

Credit: Dynamite

2. It's not just The Shadow. It's Cranston too. I wanted to get into his head a bit. You have to have The Shadow. Obviously. But there are times I find Cranston a little more interesting.

Robson: What were you looking for from Andrea Mutti’s artwork on this?

Gischler: Something to fit with the noir mood. I think Mutti's art and Vlad's colors combine really well to accomplish this.

Robson: What else have you got coming up?

Gischler: The first issue of Clown Fatale just came out a couple days ago and is my homage to (and parody of) grindhouse exploitation cinema and is just ridiculous in the best way, I think. 47North is also serializing my epic fantasy novel Ink Mage on Some other things are in the works too but not quite ready to share yet.

Eddie Robson is the writer of Dynamite's The Art Of Sean Phillips, as well as Doctor Who: Skyjacks! and Captain America: Living Legend (both with Andy Diggle) and forthcoming strips for 2000AD. He also writes radio comedy for the BBC - his series Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefullyis available from iTunes and Audible - and Doctor Whoaudios for Big Finish Productions. You can find him on Twitter: @EddieRobson

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