FIRST LOOK: Thunderbolts #129-#130 Variant Covers

FIRST LOOK: Tbolts #129-#130 Covers

Thunderbolts #129-#130

Marvel has provided Newsarama with your first look at the variant covers to Thunderbolts #129 and #130 by Clint Langley, the two of which together form a larger image. In the image at the right, the cover to #129 is the left half, the cover to #130 the right. The issues are written by Andy Diggle with art by Roberto De La Torre.

The solicitations for the issues read:

Thunderbolts #129

The Green Goblin vs. the President of the United States! It’s terror at 10,000 feet when Spider-Man’s fearsome foe hurls pumpkin bombs at a special target: the new President! Just what is Norman Osborn up to…and who in the world are the new Thunderbolts? A Dark Reign is falling…be there as the new team of Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre present “Hammer Down” Part II!

In stores February 25th.

Thunderbolts #130


Everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth has the Thunderbolts in his crosshairs – but don’t expect this murderer’s row of butt-kickers to lay down! The nastiest fight of ’09 has begun, and you’ve got the front row seat for all the ultra violence that Andy Diggle (DARK REIGN: HAWKEYE) and Roberto De La Torre (IRON MAN: DIRECTOR OF S.H.I.E.L.D.) can dish up!

In stores March 18th.

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