Word Balloon: The Bendis Tapes, Part 2

Word Balloon: Bendis Tapes, Part 2

New Avengers #49

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, it's more of our Q&A session with Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis. Click here for part one.

Some more highlights from the conversation...

On Secret Invasion - looking back and ahead...

"Whether it would turn into an event was not part of the plan...it was brought to the Marvel retreat, and there you have to survive a Jeph Loeb-Ed Brubaker-Dan Slot nerdgasam of story hole poking. I went through five of them and if you can survive that, you can handle any internet critique. "

It seemed that the Accept Change ad campaign inside the comics, was leading to a Skrull occupation of the Marvel Earth, was this ever considered?

"No that's what they did in Battlestar Galactica. (The Skrull storyline) isn't totally over by the way. It will continue in Spider-Woman, and New Avengers #49."

Bendis and Olivier Copiel have "tentative plans for later this year."

Whatever happened with Black Bolt role as caretaker of the last Infinity Gem?

"I've got the Gem story locked up for later this year. That's a pretty big story."

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